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  • First News unlocks children’s minds and unleashes their potential by fuelling curiosity, inspiring debate, and supporting their critical thinking
  • We provide a balanced and truthful view of the world, carefully, and sensitively written to explain the background to stories in the news
  • The fully immersive digital app is jam-packed with exciting and interactive features to engage, inspire and entertain
  • Bursting with stories on world news events, sport, science, animals, entertainment, crazy but true, games, books and much, much more

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A – The First News Digital edition can be accessed on our brand new app which is available for:
Android supported smartphones and/or tablet devices (e.g. Nexus, HTC and Galaxy devices)
Apple iOS supported smartphones and/or tablet devices (e.g. iPhone and iPad)

For Apple devices please go to the App Store
For Android devices please go to Google Play
When you open the app for the first time or if you have logged out previously, you will be asked to enter your WebID before you can access the digital content. You will receive your unique WebID in your welcome email after you sign up for a subscription.

Your first issue will usually be dispatched within 2 weeks. After your order has been processed, a confirmation letter or email will be sent. This will include details about when your first issue of First News will be sent to you.

Yes! Subscription to First News Digital is available worldwide. We offer all digital subscribers access to both the UK and International edtions via the First News Digital app.

First News Digital is designed for children aged 7-14, therefore, all the features within the app are age appropriate and do not require any additional parental control.

If your subscription is on a monthly recurring payment you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time via the Recurly account management service. Please click here to manage your account.
– If you pay for your subscription by quarterly direct debit please cancel by contacting the Customer Services team at [email protected] or call 0330 333 0186



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