First News Home iHub

The interactive, online learning platform

By popular demand, the First News iHub, used by schools, is now available for parents to subscribe at home for home-schooling.

The award-winning iHub is a news reading activity website created to support children from 7-14 develop key reading, comprehension, writing and oracy skills whilst also learning about the key news stories from around the world. This will support the work they are doing at schools whilst also engaging them in the main news topics of the moment and it is a great resource for home-schooling. Used with great success in hundreds of schools across the UK (and overseas) we are now introducing the Home iHub so parents and children can enjoy these activities from home. 

Activities are tailored to your child’s level based on the reading level you select for them on signing up. Every Monday morning during term time your iHub platform will be updated with new activities from the stories in that week’s First News, making it ideal for implementing your home-schooling routine. Discover:

  • Comprehensions
  • Quizzes
  • Vocabulary puzzles
  • Polls

In addition to the weekly activities, there is a huge archive of activities giving you and your child the opportunity to seek out stories of interest whether into sport, science, environment or Crazy But True. There is even an opportunity for your child to have a go at writing their own news reports using the templates available in the News Gallery – when printed they look like the front page of a newspaper!

NO MARKING REQUIRED! The iHub at home will give children feedback on everything they do and the parents will receive a regular email from First News to update on how the child is getting on and informing you on the topic of the next poll so this can be discussed as a family.

Choose either a 3-month or 12-month subscription.  Please note that this is for access for a single child only.  Access for siblings can be purchased at a 50% discount – please get in touch with us at [email protected] for full details.

Explore the iHub

Reading Comprehension

Each question encourages understanding, critical thinking, discussion and debate. Multiple choice questions give instant feedback to pupils.

Vocabulary Puzzles

Focus on developing pupils’ vocabulary in the context of a news story by analysing with instant feedback to support learning.


Pupils vote on a dilemma in a news story. Pie charts display the poll results from your school and all iHub schools.


The news gallery enables pupils to create their own news using the content that excites them the most.

Experience our online teaching tool for schools

Trial 30 days free access to all activities and features on the schools iHub for an unlimited number of teachers and pupils, giving you an opportunity to experience the full value of our interactive learning platform.

Free Demo For Schools

The session will introduce you to the features of the iHub and offer guidance on setting up your classes and integrating the iHub into both your class and home-learning plans, so that you can get the most out of your free trial.