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Trusted and impartial news

Founded in 2006, we are the original, independent news source for children. Our journalists and editors work tirelessly to bring children the most comprehensive age-appropriate coverage of the issues that matter.

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The National Literacy Trust carried out an independent evaluation with over 500 children. It showed that reading First News led to positive changes in children’s reading attitudes and attainment.

We have a lot of fun!

Our paper and app are jam-packed with puzzles, polls, competitions, exclusive interviews, gaming, science, sport, world news and more!

“If I had an unlimited budget I would buy this newspaper for every single child in the country.”

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Tips & Talking Points


Explaining Scary News

News stories can be scary to children, our editor Nicky Cox has some useful tips for explaining difficult news stories.

Children standing in front of 10 Downing Street

Engaging With News

Why it’s so important to encourage children to learn about the world around them.

Check out the Children’s Party campaign

First News has launched the Children’s Party to make sure children’s voices are part of the national conversation this election year.

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Our fundamental belief is that, if the world is to become a better place, the next generation has to be better informed than the last. That’s why First News has been a trusted news source for children for over 15 years.