Informing and inspiring the next generation, First News is loved by kids, trusted by parents and recommended by teachers. International news edition now available as online subscription

  • Recommended for children aged 7-14

  • Keeps children up to date with news from around the world

  • Reports the big news stories plus lots of happy news too

  • Pitched so that news is engaging and inspiring, not scary or overwhelming

  • It’s impartial and independent

My children love First News.  Zak generally disappears for an hour or so on a Friday after school to read it and I’m ashamed to admit that he generally knows more about current affairs than me thanks to his weekly newspaper reading. I love that First News is teaching him about what happens in the world in a sensitive but informative and factual manner. Our First News subscription is honestly worth every single penny.

Emma Vantsone, Mother

My grandchildren love it! When asked how they know about certain matters they say, ‘First News of course.’
Catherine, Grandmother

“FABTASTIC! I’m going to read it myself when I go to bed. My 9 year old loves it!”
Lucy, Mum